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HB 3

The HB3 is a 2-way, ported, floor standing design featuring a 165mm Kevlar bass / mid driver and a 25mm Aluminium Dome Tweeter. It has a substantial cabinet with an integral driver support brace providing mechanical grounding for the bass unit and a vertical, asymmetrically positioned, 'figure of eight' brace to minimize and control resonance in the larger panels. The front baffle is a 34mm laminated MDF sandwich which contributes to the exceptional strength of the cabinet and provides a solid platform for both drive units. The cabinet also incorporated a separate chamber which may be mass filled to improve the stability of the system and enhance the bass performance. The HB3's are supplied with carpet piercing spikes for positive location on any surface.

Gold plated, bi-wireable input terminals and a hard wired crossover network featuring simple first order filters also contribute to its deep controlled bass performance, startling dynamic range, natural reproduction of instrument timbre, and precise stereo imaging.

The wide bandwidth and sense of scale that the HB3 is capable of recreating also enables it to form the basis of an exceptional home theatre system.

It will work optimally when placed 250mm or more from a rear wall.

They offer a simply startling performance to cost ratio. They sound fast, uncompressed, articulate, with a sweet midband and effortlessly reach up into the most tinkly of highs, be it bells or the fingers of a Flamenco virtuoso on his strings. 
- Home Cinema Choice - UK


HB 3 - Specifications:





90 dB/Watt



6 Ohms

Drive units




165mm Kevlar


25mm aluminium

Dimensions (HxWxD) mm



Power Handling


90 Watts

Frequency range








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